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In the beginning there was the line ... and the line joining points separated surfaces, began to turn forms, and represent the author, the world around him, belonged to him, threatened him, or peopled his dreams, filled their wishes and embodied his affections.

The line was coal, vegetable or mineral pigment, and even blood. He leaned against stones, wood, ceramic, leather and papyrus and then papers. Also there were those who drew lines in the sand, but were ephemeral testimonies because seas and winds erased them.

Once the graphite appears, the line won shadows. There were no limits on the plane, who knew of perspectives, backlights and illuminations which drawing reach their most sublime heights during Renascence.

Inks and pastels, until the pen of the twentieth century and the current contribution of digitalization, mark the progress of the artist, the artist, the man finally, to the perfection of his expressive work.

Drawing was the instrument that, in architect??s hands, began the saga of the great cathedrals. It was the drawing done mapping that opened the world ways to the world.
Drawing anticipated the art milestonest and its "ismos". Academic; modernist; romantic and baroque? attended the cubism and expressionism vanguards , and known of abstraction and conceptualism, until today and glimpse of tomorrow of a journey for which  no end is noticed.

Estudio Garrido Abogados proposed works of their Padeida collection which reflect a wide and eclectic hand drawing scene of Argentinian artists. Are here those  who with a simple black pencil, synthetic and austere line, immortalized an image giving the picture the range of gender, and also those for which the drawing is the prior cornerstone of building painting and sculpture. Also pass artists who incorporate formal limits avoiding drawing the accurate spot color, and those who used drawing as a means  to put images to older literature  texts and to open as well, the enjoyment broader sectors.

We also have those artists who,  through drawing, manage daily smile with their sometimes humorous notes. The political cartoon, add ink, talent and intention, was a formidable weapon ever bowed to the harshest regimes and the cruelest history instances. Until de arrival of  photography, the drawing was the perfect and unique way of recording time, witnessing events and illustrate chronicles.

While there are many artists represented in this exhibition, most of them are also those who,  by the limits of space, must wait the next and upcoming occasion.

Adrian Gualdoni Basualdo
May, 2011


Luis Aquino
Colección Paideia