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Boats and Sailing Yachts II

  • Boats and Sailing Yachts II
In the presentation of one of the previous expositions, we remembered with some emphasis, that Buenos Aires was born a port. We reaffirm, in the Paideia Collection works, the idea that this circumstance, that conditioned the political and social history of our country, also affected substantively in the evolution of the Argentinian art.  The harbour with their extreme dynamics of their movements , and the placid calm of their moorings, showing the diversity of human types that transit, requiring both extreme colours and the wide range of gray shades, assumed from the precursor manifestations of our art a role that has not stopped.

Since those first scenes captured from the decks of the ships, when the port have no docks and was just a vast space of calm waters, a reliable estuary on the edge of the Atlantic, to the nearest expressions in time, where Don Benito Quinquela Martín paintings are archetypal, the port of Buenos Aires, their boats and sailboats, its sailors and longshoremen, have constituted one of the central themes for which artists who develop inspirations in this city recognize as their own. In this new edition of "Boats and sailboats" we find the señeros names of the genre from the founding Eduardo De Martino, who arrived as a marine and returned as an artist to Europe and from which derives this guideline is embodied in Justo Lynch and continues in Oscar Vaz. Similarly founding, Alfredo Lázzari and artist of the school of La Boca among which we quote Induni Eduardo César, Claudio Pugliese and Gorrochategui.

From elsewhere came the Dutchman Stephen Koek Koek and the Austro - Hungarian Oton Ringer and the Italians Salvador Zaino and Francesco Paolo Parisi. The power of this issue attracted, circumstantially, celebrated cultivators of the genres, like Achilles Badi, who made of Venecia and their canals, the leitmotif of their production, or as Raul Soldi, who insisted on the figure in its best endeavors. Also Ceferino Carnaci, who develops the visual landscape to heights of visual transhumance.

Again, Estudio Garrido Abogados, proposed a journey of art works as much ours as lovable. To  be images, and all that transcends from them, a common legacy that will bring us to that unit destination that Argentinians glimpse elusive, but we know inescapable.  

Adrian Gualdoni Basualdo
October, 2012

Ceferino Carnaccini
Lago Futalaufquen
Colección Paideia