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The urban landscape

  • The urban landscape
The first images that the Arts have bequeathed from our country are dated, at least there is a forerunner exception, from the early decades of the XIX century.
The Argentinean Art development coincided in time with the transforming process of the Buenos Aires colonial village, header of the most southern Hispanic Viceroyalty, into a thriving city, capital city of a young Republic and magnet of a formidable migratory flow that attracted to its harbour strong arms and open-hopeful minds.
Buenos Aires expanded quickly the old grid with few blocks which were around the main park, with this contribution; it was also favoured with an endless plains.
The pioneer artists were privileged witnesses of the visual record at those foundational moments.
The old mud bricks were surrendering space to those architectonic expressions related to the time. At the same pace like the constructors, the Art painters developed their creations.
The urban landscape transformed its artistic gender condition into a nascent city testimony, a reflection of an emerging city, a cauldron of legitimate ambitions and enthusiasm.
The city, took as the theme by the artists who lived in it, was the main issue of this renewed occasion of the porteñas gallery nights that Estudio Garrido Abogados Paideia collection exhibits.
Some of the Art paints that are shown in today??s exhibition were influenced by Alfredo Lázzari and Pío Collivadino's instrument, that was created as a real mobile workshop used to travel around the neighborhoods and corners of this city looking for images for their canvases.
Arcidiácono, Ferrini, Oroquieta, Imperiale and Di Taranto gave prominence to the Boca spots. Heynemann, Mariani and Vidal Barros captured their neighbourhood essence, going beyond their places limits too. Repetto, Lococco, and Jarry, after painting Buenos Aires landscapes, took their colours and brushes to the streets of  
New York and París. The Italians Zaino and Cerrito, they stayed at the beginning in this city Buenos Aires but later, they settled down in Rosario and Córdoba. Gorrochategui, the Austrian Ringer, and the Andariega watercolourist Lola Frexas, who continued Jorge Larco work, they stayed in this city too.
All of them, and others, are in this exhibition tonight, in panels like stops of a virtual tour. Buenos Aires city gives its streets, its corners, its luminous skies, and its patios in shadows; its wooded parks, its coffee stores as shelters, and its corners?? intimacy. In the inevitable and radical reducing of the plastic space, everything turns into limited ideal stages to human life. Behind doors presences can be guessed, the anonymous figures- merely hinted- acquired a central role dimensions; and an open window, is an endless invitation to enjoy the sightseeing.
In the urban landscape, nature sometimes is found contained and hidden, letting to the city, a human creation, the main inspirational role of the artistic activity.

Adrián Gualdoni Basualdo
August 2012

Ceferino Carnaccini
Lago Futalaufquen
Colección Paideia