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Our Philosophy

EGA has been thought and organized as an enterprise in which legal services are considered a privileged product to be performed and provided with maximum efficiency. That is why it has been structured to release its Partners from tasks unrelated to this purpose. All the administrative and managerial system is professionalized such that Partner's is time is efficient when making productive decisions and their attention is exclusively directed towards the benefit of our clients.

Thus, the managerial and administrative areas becomes supportive of our Partners' performance, constituting each one of them with this support its own businessman, thus generating clients and resources that they capitalize entirely above the institutional canon, benefiting in this way the common good of the enterprise.

That is the reason for our efficiency, which couples with another key feature that derives from the first: EGA and its members seek the benefit of their clients, not the fruit of their difficulties. In fact EGA is a business enterprise within a law firm platform. That is why many of our clients' relationship with us is from the beginning, or derives during the course of the relationship, in a partnership in order to achieve common interests.

It is important to add that EGA is "a business enterprise that promotes culture", having been constituted as patron of music, painting and thinking, continually performing art exhibitions, concerts and publications for the benefit of the community.

This is what we provide to those who choose us: professionalism, availability, common interests and intelligence.


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